Daniel Kamman, Industrial Jewelry

I focus on devising novel construction methods, and on combining fundamentally different materials to create impressive earrings (primarily), bracelets, and necklaces. I construct my jewelry with mechanical connections, locking pieces together by techniques I invented. I delight in creating patterns of jewelry components positioned by segments of industrial components.

Industrial components include rubber shapes (rings and cords), electrical signal connectors, heat sinks (spoked-ring radiators for cooling electronics), gears, and brilliantly colored laser filters.

Jewelry components include sterling silver (beads, tubes, and wire) and glass beads (contemporary and vintage).

I base my jewelry techniques on lessons I learned in my engineering career, supplemented by a few short courses taught by internationally renowned jewelry designers. I have three engineering degrees (bachelors, masters and doctorate).


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Thrust ball bearings separated by sterling silver tubes fastened by black camera screws - Daniel Kamman industrial earrings